America’s future scientists head back to school

It’s that time again! Students and teachers are ready to return to school to start a new year of learning. To them I say: explore and foster curiosity. Curiosity and wonderment in my elementary school years led me to discover my passion for science. Never stop wondering. Nobel Laureate Charles Townes said that one should pursue “something that is being missed." 

Here at NSF, we are committed to the health and vitality of our nation’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Our investments in fundamental science and engineering research and education have returned exceptional dividends to the American people, expanding knowledge, improving lives, and ensuring our security. To keep those benefits flowing, we need to constantly replenish the wellspring of new ideas and train new talent. That is the fundamental and continuing mission of NSF.

Dare to write history for those who will follow!


Photo credit:  Claudia Zan, Cornell Lab of Orinthology                      

I encourage you to join our #backtoschool online conversation. If you’re a student, let us know what you hope to learn this year using #Iwanttolearn. If you’re a teacher, let us know what are you most looking forward to teach using #Iwantteach.