Global Research Council


I recently participated in the fifth meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC) – a group of more than 50 countries whose research agency heads meet annually to discuss shared issues and goals. This year, we focused our meeting on interdisciplinarity –  research where two or more disciplines work together to
produce a common body of work – and the status of women in science and engineering. For the latter, we devised a list of actions – ranging from creating more pathways for women to better data monitoring – that countries can implement to promote gender equality.  

For more on the GRC’s discussion about global equity for women in research, read my correspondence piece on the meeting in Nature.

GRC demonstrates that sharing knowledge about the
scientific enterprise – its policies and practices – benefits countries around the world, increasing the reach of science. Such
global collaboration can, in principle, accelerate the progress of science, and
has the prospect to improve health, security, and prosperity throughout the
world. Most importantly, it can give us a transcendent future.


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Science and Engineering Research Board of India