Advanced Wireless Research Initiative

Last Friday,
NSF joined the White House, federal partners and a consortium of leading
companies in the wireless sector to announce a new Advanced
Wireless Research Initiative
that will allow researchers, entrepreneurs
and pioneers to study and test advanced wireless technologies for 5G and

Led by NSF,
the initiative will invest more than $400 million over the next seven years to
advance fundamental research and development in advanced wireless technologies.

At the heart
of the initiative is more than $80 million in public-private support for four
new platforms for advanced wireless research. These platforms will allow
scientists and engineers to test new ideas and innovations on a scale
previously not available.

advances in wireless technologies, including 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi, have all
benefited from government-supported research investments and from the free flow
of ideas and innovations between academia and industry.

The Advanced
Wireless Research Initiative aims to do the same – spurring progress in a host
of emerging technologies in an effort to make wireless communication systems faster,
smarter and more responsive than today.