My MagLab visit


Last week, I toured the National
High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab)—the largest and highest-powered magnet
laboratory in the world—at Florida State University (FSU). Magnet-related
research has led to advances in everything from computers to high-speed trains,
and the MagLab is home to some of the most powerful magnets in the world. Scientists
studying the effects of high magnetic fields on different materials and
processes have conducted research across all areas of science and gained
valuable insights that will ultimately enhance the capabilities of modern

In addition to visiting the
MagLab, I met with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, FSU President John
Thrasher and FSU Vice President for Research Gary Ostrander, as well as
professors and students. It was great to visit FSU! Learn more about my trip, here.

Photo (s) credit:

Bill Lax/FSU Photography Services