Annual Lindberg and King Lecture


Last week, I had the great privilege to deliver the second Annual Donald
A. B. Lindberg and Donald West King Lecture, co-sponsored by the National
Library of Medicine, a
part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Friends of the National Library of Medicine and the
American Medical Informatics Association. Many thanks to NIH Director Francis Collins for the


Here with NIH
Director Francis Collins and National Library of Medicine Director Patricia
Flatley Brennan

During the lecture, I reflected on how every
day, NSF and NIH demonstrate the importance of research. Our two agencies rose
out of a belief that applying resourceful thinking to long-standing societal
problems would lead to the advancement of our nation. And they were right. High-risk
research has resulted in indispensable contributions to society. Moreover, collaborations
between NSF and NIH continue to spur the nation’s spirit of discovery.  


From left: Donald Lindberg and Donald King

The lecture ended with this beautiful award
(photo above) from the hands of Donald Lindberg and Donald King—trailblazers in
science and medical research—who contributed so much to the field of medical
informatics. What an honor! 

Watch my remarks,

Photo (s) credit: 
Chia-Chi Charlie Chang/NIH