2018 Next Einstein Forum


It was a great joy to be back at the Next Einstein Forum
(NEF) Global Gathering, this time in Kigali, Rwanda. On March 27, I
participated in the session “Changing the way we learn:
Building scientific culture early on,” along with Romain
Murenzi, executive director of The World Academy of Sciences, Sidy Ndao, NEF
fellow and founder of the Dakar American University of Science and Technology,
and José M. F. Moura, the Philip L. and Marsha Dowd University Professor at
Carnegie Mellon University and president-elect of the Institute of Electrical
and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

is proud to support nearly 400 programs in over 43 countries throughout Africa.
Some of these programs include: the Geospatial Building Blocks project in
Egypt, which enables users to share mapping data that can be critical to
addressing imminent challenges like damaging floods or the impacts of climate
change on crops; support for American and African students and researchers
working side-by-side at the Joint-U.S. Africa Materials Institute in Tanzania,
which provides short-term graduate level training on frontier topics; and work
at the AfricaArray International Geophysics Field School in South Africa,
which provides undergraduate students with hands on experiences in all phases
of a geophysics project. 

can create solutions to transform Africa and the rest of our world. I look
forward to continuing these partnerships and building on the progress of
projects like these.