Collaboration and innovation lead to the first-ever image of a black hole

Today, the Event Horizon Telescope Project announced they have captured the first image of a black hole—an achievement that will inspire people everywhere and enhance our understanding of these mysterious astrophysical phenomena. As an astrophysicist, this is an exciting day for me. Black holes have captivated the imaginations of scientists and the public for decades. … Continue reading Collaboration and innovation lead to the first-ever image of a black hole

Reflections for a new year

The start of a new year is a time of promise and opportunity – and for reflection on past milestones. I’m grateful for the National Science Foundation’s accomplishments and will be using the lessons I learned from them to help guide the agency forward. Here are a few reflections. Today’s complex research challenges call for … Continue reading Reflections for a new year

Science and Engineering Community

NSF is open for business! We thank you for your forbearance during this challenging time, and for your support of students, postdocs, faculty, technical and administrative support staff and researchers. It has not been easy for our continuing or new grantees, especially emerging scholars and hopeful aspirants. We thank you for giving them a helping … Continue reading Science and Engineering Community

Arctic Science Ministerial

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to lead the U.S. delegation at the second Arctic Science Ministerial in Berlin, Germany. The ministerial brought together science ministers and leaders from over 30 nations, as well as indigenous groups and associations to further international Arctic science collaboration. The ministerial themes addressed topics including: Arctic … Continue reading Arctic Science Ministerial

Linking brain researchers around the world

Two years ago, more than 400 scientists and government representatives from around the world met at Rockefeller University with the goal of fostering collaboration on brain research. This meeting led to the National Science Foundation and a broad group of partners issuing a declaration to create an International Brain Initiative to accelerate neuroscience research. With … Continue reading Linking brain researchers around the world

National Governors Association Summer Meeting

NSF plays an important role in the nation’s innovation ecosystem, investing in early stage research and even small businesses through our America’s Seed Fund or better known as Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. These investments are sometimes unseen or even forgotten, yet they are vital to maintaining our nation’s competitive edge. Last month, I … Continue reading National Governors Association Summer Meeting

Innovation Challenge

In June, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) hosted the fourth annual Community College Innovation Challenge (CCIC). This competition encourages innovative, entrepreneurial students to use science and engineering to propose solutions to real-world challenges, from energy generation to landmine detection.This year, 10 finalist teams were invited to the … Continue reading Innovation Challenge

NSF’s commitment to global partnerships

We live in a time of profound change in terms of how scientific and engineering research is performed, and how findings are communicated. New discoveries can emerge in unexpected places, and research powerhouses can rise or relocate with remarkable speed thanks to the globalization of the scientific workforce and the flexibility technology has given researchers. NSF … Continue reading NSF’s commitment to global partnerships