Science and Engineering Community

NSF is open for business! We thank you for your forbearance during this challenging time, and for your support of students, postdocs, faculty, technical and administrative support staff and researchers. It has not been easy for our continuing or new grantees, especially emerging scholars and hopeful aspirants. We thank you for giving them a helping … Continue reading Science and Engineering Community

My STEM Spark When I was in elementary school, I opened the World Book Encyclopedia and came upon an illustration of the hydrogen atom. I thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I asked myself, how do people know this? How do they investigate something so small? Though I spent the rest of my … Continue reading My STEM Spark

Linking brain researchers around the world

Two years ago, more than 400 scientists and government representatives from around the world met at Rockefeller University with the goal of fostering collaboration on brain research. This meeting led to the National Science Foundation and a broad group of partners issuing a declaration to create an International Brain Initiative to accelerate neuroscience research. With … Continue reading Linking brain researchers around the world

Innovation Challenge

In June, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) hosted the fourth annual Community College Innovation Challenge (CCIC). This competition encourages innovative, entrepreneurial students to use science and engineering to propose solutions to real-world challenges, from energy generation to landmine detection.This year, 10 finalist teams were invited to the … Continue reading Innovation Challenge